Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Radio Taiwan International logged on 5950 kHz

03:00-03:59 UTC via Okeechobee, Florida 11.04.09

9 s unit reception in south central United States.

Initial reception of the English language shortwave broadcast of Radio Taiwan International (RTI) began at 03:00 with a male announcer giving a station identification call. The transmission, which was intended for the west coast of the United States, followed an earlier RTI broadcast which targeted the east coast. RTI's United States programming is relayed from WYFR in Florida and therefore, although typically regarded by many listeners as an international broadcast, its transmission is actually domestic. At 03:01 the programming began with female announcer Natalie Tso reading the news which included coverage of Taiwanese DPP Party led disputes and calls for negotiations regarding import bans of U.S. beef stemming from fears about Mad Cow Disease. The News proceeded with other topics including coverage of recent comments made by Taiwanese President Ma regarding U.S. President Obama and cross-straight relations. At 03:05 The announcer spoke of a baseball fixing scandal and a coach who is said to have been implicated in it before carrying on about the effects of Typhoon Morakot on Taiwan's coral reefs. After brief coverage of financial markets and regional weather at 03:08 a male announcer furnished another station ID call. Programming continued at 03:09 with a segment entitled "This day in history" and highlights included talk of the historic launch of satellite Sputnik and a space dog. Another set of ID calls was given at 03:10 by both male and female announcers and the broadcast continued with a section entitled "Time Travelers" from 03:11 to 03:19. Time travelers documented the story of Chinese refugees who had succumbed to a fatal shipwreck in 1949 en route to Taiwan. The segment included some audio from a survivor of the incident. At 03:20 yet another station ID call was given by a female announcer and the weekly segment "Taiwan Inc" began with female announcer Angelica Oung. Oung spoke of a recent issue in which Taiwanese voters opposed the construction of a casino at Penghu? (see link below). 03:31 brought the weekly segment "Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes" which was hosted by male announcer Carlson Wong and consisted of drumming by Youth Theater. After some drum music Wong made a few statements about a New York Times review of the music as well as introduced the name of some drum audio as "Breaker". A station ID call was given at 03:41 by a female announcer before drum music continued and then Wong provided the names of more clips as well as gave a station ID himself at 03:43. Drum music continued through 03:54 when Wong said "goodbye" and until female announcer Shirley Lin closed the program at 03:56 with a song entitled "People from the original hometown". A male announcer provided a station ID as well as internet, email and P.O. Box addresses and broadcast schedule times and frequencies for RTI. At 04:0 the English programming ceased.

Shortwave broadcasts in the United States do not get much more polished than those of Radio Taiwan International. RTI is typically one of the better quality and easiest to catch shortwave broadcasts audible in the south central United States and the producers offer coverage of a wide variety of rotating special interest topics as well as excellent music programming and news. Due to operating costs and postage some international and domestic shortwave stations have opted to move reception report QSLs to electronic format via the internet. For the time being, not only is the station easy to pick up on just about any shortwave receiver in most of the U.S. but, RTI makes every effort to send QSL cards. RTI has also been known to also provide literature regarding Taiwan to listeners who submit reception reports. Radio Taiwan International provides a great place for beginner shortwave listeners in the United States to start their hobby by logging broadcasts. The programming of RTI also provides worthwhile listening for more experienced shortwave radio listeners who enjoy being exposed to different cultures.


All times are UTC.

Limited audio from the broadcast is available in .wav format here.

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*At the end of May, 2009 the online publication Taiwan Today was allegedly scheduled to replace the traditional print publication Taiwan Journal which RTI has been known to send out periodically in response to readers reception reports.

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